Fun GEeks

27.10.2020. - Velimir.M

Center for Youth Work in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the support of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, is starting a new project called Fun GEeks! The goal of the project is to raise awareness about Global Education and its significance in Serbia. We began by organising a training for educators and youth leaders in order to empower them to design and implement Global Education activities. They will also make up the newly founded National Global Education Network which will be activated already during the Global Education Week, from the 16-20 November.

An online quiz competition will take place via the Fun Park app, and it will be open to all – top three players will win the Fun GEeks award, as well as certain valuable prizes!


Fun GEeks training


Seeing how our goal is to empower educators and youth leaders who come from all of Serbia, that is from civil society organisations, umbrella organisations, state, local, educational and cultural institutions, we held a Fun GEks training in which more 15 people participated and during which all prescribed measures against COVID-19 were observed.

Held from the 23-25 of October in Magnet House, Veliki Gaj, participants had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals about Global Education, Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, as well as about innovative educational tools and methods.



During two and a half days of working together, participants could meet, have fun and learn by participating in activities that encouraged asking questions – do their organisations/institutions already implement activities that are in accordance to the Global Education methodology? Are there perhaps innovations when it comes to implementing formal and nonformal educational activities? Could they be used in practice?

We heard various opinions and rich experiences from the representatives who came from all parts of Serbia. What was common is that during the global COVID-19 pandemic, a lot have already started using new educational tools, especially digital ones.


Creating a quiz about Global Education


In that regard, the Fun Park app was also presented during the training as a digital educational tool which provides the opportunity to play but also to create quizzes! Playing is nice and simple, incentivising learning in a fun way. On the other hand, creating quizzes can be a particularly remarkable experience as creating educational content for others can perhaps be a better way to learn than any other.



Because of that, participants of the training will now create a quiz about Global Education! By researching the topic more thoroughly, participants will collaborate to create the content of the quiz – the questions, the answers and the explanations. The idea is to have the quiz be playable by anyone. To be able to play it without prior knowledge, to be able to learn about Global Education and to understand its significance.


National quiz competition during Global Education Week


We want everyone to play this quiz during Global Education Week, from 16-20 November, as part of a national quiz competition we’re organising! The point of Global Education Week is to join forces throughout Europe and wider, during a single week, to organise events which will inform citizens about Global Education. We’re of the opinion that a quiz competition is the best way to do it – because everyone will be able to participate.

This competition is organised by the Center for Youth Work in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and all of the organisations and institutions whose representatives took part in our training, and which are now part of the National Global Education Network. It’ll be held online and anybody who downloads the app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store will be able to participate by playing the quiz about Global Education. Top three players will win the Fun GEeks award, as well as certain valuable prizes!



Sustainability for the long haul


This is just the beginning of the Fun GEeks story. Next year we might not have a national quiz competition, but the Fun GEeks award will be given out regardless. Why? Because the Fun GEeks award is simultaneously being established as a national award which will be annually awarded for the best or most creative Global Education practices. We’re looking forward to all the innovative activities which the participants of our training, and many more, will design and implement!





The Fun Park app was designed in accordance to Global Education principles. Find out more about Global Education:

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