Fun Park presented at a NAPOR event

26.05.2020. - Velimir.M

The Fun Park mobile application was presented on the 22nd of May as part of NAPOR’s webinar series “Youth work on the web – show and connect“. The National Association of Youth Work Practitioners  (NAPOR), as the umbrella organization which looks after the standards of youth work in Serbia, started this series in order to present online platforms, methods and tools which could be used to realize youth work in these difficult conditions brought about by the global pandemic. The Fun Park app is indeed one of those tools.

The presentation was done by Isidora Paklar, coordinator for education at the Center for Youth Work. Involved in the use of the Fun Park app in youth work from the very beginning, Isidora is well acquainted with the technical side of the app, as well as with the practical terms of its use. She explained to the participants, among whom were mostly youth work practitioners, the idea behind the app and then she demonstrated how they could use it. More importantly, Isidora also pointed out why they should use it. Because the whole purpose of Fun Park is to make learning fun, something that is, in her experience, more fact than a slogan.

Likewise, Isidora highlights that the Fun Park was created with Global Education in mind, as a pedagogical approach to education invented in 1991 by the North-South Center of the Council of Europe, with the goal to adapt education to the realities of a global world and to constitute global citizenship. The Fun Park app is supposed to raise awareness of youth workers and their organisations that their work already incorporates Global Education methodology, with the aim of building our national network in Serbia.

Of course, the Fun Park’s use is not limited only to the youth sector and the hope is that in the future, it will be used in our formal educational system as well.

Creating quizzes as a youth work activity

When it comes to using the Fun Park in youth work, Isidora states there are two ways: creating quizzes and playing them. Emphasizing active youth participation, young people create quizzes. The first several quizzes were created by young people who participated in four three-day workshops on the topics of gender equality, human rights, employability and healthy lifestyles, with a quiz about COVID-19 created in the meantime.

“During the workshops, young people had the opportunity to learn intensively about a particular topic for three days, and afterwards, during the next several weeks, to create a quiz on the same topic. In the evaluations, young people pointed out how important both of those processes were ­­­– the workshops helped to introduce them to the topics and get them interested,  while the process of creating quizzes helped them acquire additional skills by researching and independently finding relevant and correct information, and afterwards teaching their peers through the quiz itself in the Fun Park app,” says Isidora.

Through this process, young people became peer educators. More about the experiences of young people who created a quiz can be found here.


Everyone can create quizzes. Create one yourself!


Quiz creation is done on the computer for now, via the online Fun Park portal, although the plan is to allow users to create quizzes in the mobile app itself. Isidora recommends collecting all of the material before creating a quiz to streamline the process. She also demonstrated how to create a quiz. You can find more about that in the form of a video tutorial here.

Playing quizzes as a youth work activity

The app can be used during the workshops. Playing one of the five quizzes, this serves as an entertaining intro to various topics and discussions, allowing young people to have fun learning something new, while the youth workers get the opportunity to gage how knowledgeable the participants are. During ordinary workshops, this combines digital learning in a physical space. Of course, it can also be used during online workshops, since young people in this case are already using digital devices. Certain quizzes are available in English, which leaves room for use of this app during intercultural exchanges.


“I believe that we as youth workers are obliged to constantly search for new and more creative ways in which we will make important topics more approachable to young people, and make the process of learning simple and interesting, and Fun Park is one of the best tools for that,” said Isidora.


Everyone can play quizzes. Play one yourself!