Global Education Network Meeting

25.03.2020. - Velimir.M

From January 29th to 31st, Center for Youth Work alongside the Ministry of Youth and Sport as representatives from Serbia, participated in the annual Global Education Network Meeting where The Fun Park application was presented as a free game-based online learning platform.


The meeting took place in Sintra, Portugal where the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe gathered participants from all over Europe to discuss plans for the future of the Global Education Network and Global Education in general. A new three-year cycle called iLegend 2 is now beginning and they wanted to hear our thoughts about


The purpose of these iLegend cycles is to better organize the whole Network so that everyone understands what the goals and needs are of the 21 member countries of the Network. This proved to be a tough challenge as every country has different needs and perspectives. Divided into regional sub-groups (which include Balkan, Baltic, South-East Europe and Mediterranean, Visegrad and Western European countries), we were able to find a common purpose. Within our Balkan sub-group, we agreed that we primarily need to work on raising awareness of Global Education as an idea, which The Fun Park application does by its very nature.


Global Education Network Portugal 2020.



Throughout the three days of our stay, we participated in workshops where we discussed many things. We discussed the role of the National Coordinator, the figure who is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Global Education within their country. Some suggested the role should be expanded to include multiple people, so as to share the burden of coordinating so many different activities which occur in a country of millions of people. The issue can be also be eased by organising what they call “quadrilogues”, partnerships between the government, national parliament, local and regional authorities and civil society organisations. This is a good approach. By involving as many people in the discussion, Global Education as an idea can spread and be implemented more organically within a society.


We also discussed the Global Education Week. During one week in November, everyone in the Global Education Network focuses their energy on promoting Global Education by organising a host of different activities. Every year, there is also a unique, unifying theme. In 2019, that theme was “Wake up! This is the final call for climate.” The idea is to present Global Education through an aspect of our lives that is shaped by the global nature of the world in the 21st century. During the workshop, we discussed the need for having a different theme each year, with the idea to perhaps change the format in the future.


Global Education Network Portugal 2020.



Finally, on the last day, we got to present The Fun Park application. A free game-based online learning platform, where players can both play and create quizzes on different topics, both individually or as a team, The Fun Park was presented as an educational tool which can be used by the North-South Centre and the whole of the Global Education Network for a variety of purposes, for use during the Global Education Week for instance. The application is versatile, allowing for quizzes to be made on whatever topic one wishes and in whichever language one speaks. We are excited to say the reception was positive, and we look forward to seeing all the creatives ways in which our partners in the Network will use the application!