Global Education Week 2020 Announced

27.07.2020. - Velimir.M

The North-South Centre of the Council of Europe announced this year’s Global Education Week which will be taking place from 16 – 22 November 2020. This awareness raising initiative aims to popularise the concept of Global Education as a tool for achieving solidarity in the world by developing active global citizenship.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will once more, as the national coordinator for Global Education, participate in the organising, implementation and coordination of activities for the Global Education Week, as well as in offering support to those who need it. The Fun Park app will be included in a segment of the planned activities.


Each year during the third week of November, all 21 members of the North-South Centre organise various activities with the shared goal of highlighting the significance of and the need for Global Education at the local level.

Activities can be incredibly varied, such as live debates and talks, short-movie festivals, webinars, quiz competitions, workshops, social media campaigns and much more.


Anyone can organise these activities, including local governments, schools, preschool institutions, youth offices, culture institutions, civil society organisations, associations of organisations, nonformal groups etc.

If you’re interested in participating in the organising of activities for this year’s Global Education Week, you can sign up and fill out a survey conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“It’s our world. Let’s take action!“


Each Global Education Week has a different focus around which activities are thematically organised. Last year the focus was on climate change, while this year the focus is on active youth participation.


This Week is of course important because of its promotion of Global Education but it’s also useful to all members of the Global Education Network as it represents a great opportunity for cooperation – actors from different countries can reach out and organise joint activities with the help of their national coordinators. Global Education Week also allows for a sharing of good practice examples – here you can find examples of the previous years’ activities which can serve as an inspiration.


This year brings an innovation in that there will be common activities organised on the level of the entire Global Education Network. The first of these joint activities will be a webinars series, held on different topics for Global Education educators in the English language. The second will be a social media campaign whose content will be composed of videos sent by each Network member, collected from GE actors within them. Put simply, each institution/organisation will film short clips (the subject and format are yet to be confirmed) and will send those clips to the national coordinator – the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Come join us!


With this, we would like to invite you to join us in the organising of activities for the Global Education Week!


As mentioned, these activities can be incredibly varied and organised by anyone. Support is available on the North-South Centre website in the form of advice, and there’s also the Global Education Toolkit which offers further guidance.

The first step when organising an activity would be to contact the national coordinator, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (email: so that you could get further instructions, support and coordination. This also applies to the participation in the joint activities on the level of the Global Education Network. Anyone can participate in these as well. You can find out more about their role in our interview.


As the national coordinator, their task is also to contribute to the formation of the national network of Global Education actors. Pertinent to this, you can fill out a survey they’re conducting with the goal of finding out which actors in the Republic of Serbia are carrying out or would like to carry out Global Education activities.


At your disposal also is the Center for Youth Work, a partner of the national coordinator and a youth organisation which in its practice conducts Global Education, through the Fun Park project among others.