How to create a quiz – video tutorial

01.06.2020. - Velimir.M

The Fun Park has gotten its own video tutorials which explain both how to play quizzes and how to create them. The video tutorials were created as part of NAPOR’s webinar series “Youth work on the web – show and connect“. The National Association of Youth Work Practitioners, as the umbrella organization which looks after the standards of youth work in Serbia, started an initiative to highlight useful online platforms, methods and tools which could prove useful for youth workers. The Fun Park was one of those tools, created by the Center for Youth Work.

The Fun Park app allows users to play quizzes but to also create them. Creating quizzes is done on a computer using an internet browser. You need an internet connection to go to our Fun Park portal, to create a new one or sign into an existing account. Once you’re signed in, you will get a starting board where you can add a new quiz.



All you need is willingness to create and an interesting topic for the quiz! You have absolute freedom to create the quiz to your liking. The Fun Park offers you the ability to come up with questions that have two or four answer options, to adjust how much time players are given to pick an answer, to write an intro to the question or an explanation which will show up after picking an answer. You can group your questions into levels, dividing them into thematic units or by difficulty.


To make matters more interesting, you can add pictures to each question and explanation, making the quiz authentically yours. If you come across an interesting YouTube video, you can add it as well. Finally, you can create badges for those who are able to finish your quiz and they will be able to keep it on their accounts, proud of their achievement and thankful for having learned something new from you.


The Fun Park app is free to use, everyone can play and create a quiz. Now that you know how, create one yourself!