Interview with volunteers – creators of the COVID-19 quiz

29.04.2020. - Velimir.M

In the midst of the global pandemic of the novel coronavirus, volunteers at the Center for youth work took initiative to create a fun and education quiz about COVID-19 within the Fun Park app. The Team for Public Actions, which is responsible for creating the quiz, consists of seven volunteers: Dunja Prijić, Lara Čakširan, Milica Jokić, Milijana Popović, Ognjen Nikolić, Tamara Popović i Velibor Maksimov. They decided to share their experiences with us.

How satisfied are you with the quiz and with the whole experience of creating it?

Milijana: I’m really satisfied with the quiz and the whole process which we undertook. Cooperation and collegiality by volunteers were at a high level, which was, for me, the most important thing. I’m satisfied with the questions we created, because I think they’re both educational and entertaining

Ognjen: I am very pleased. We were well organized and the team was excellent.

Tamara: I’m satisfied as well. In the beginning, the quiz to me represented a challenge, I admit I thought the task was going to be hard, and I was worried how I would manage creating it, however all doubts disappeared when I saw how easy and simple it actually was! In my opinion, the quiz is interesting, doesn’t take much time to finish and questions are educational so you can learn some new things if you have any doubts or questions in relation to the coronavirus.

What was the reaction of your friends and family to the quiz? Were they willing to play it, and what did they say afterwards?

Milica: Immediately after finishing the quiz, I sent links to my parents and most of my friends. A lot of them said that the quiz contained useful information which they previously didn’t know about, even though information about the current pandemic is circulating in all kinds of media. They pointed out as well the usefulness of the short and concise explanations. Two of my friends noticed how we split the questions into three groups, which they liked. All in all, there weren’t any bad comments in my case.

Velibor: They said that it was entertaining. They also asked if there were any more quizzes.

What drew you to create a quiz about COVID-19?

Milijana: The desire to have people inform themselves in a fun manner. To have them learn new things which they previously may not have known about the pandemic. We’re all aware how much information is present today in media, which is why I think this quiz offers verified and safe information.

Lara: What drew me was the fact the subject was current and because I noticed a lot of people in my vicinity weren’t informed about it. This way, we managed to answer some broad questions related to the virus in an entertaining fashion.

Was it difficult to create the quiz, and what was the most difficult aspect?

Lara: It wasn’t hard to create the quiz, because we worked very well as a team and because we had good communication.

Ognjen: It wasn’t, it was all simple. The hardest part was maybe translating it into English.

Did the quarantine change how you made the quiz at all, and if it did, in what ways?

Milica: Isolation certainly affected our work, but I wouldn’t say in a negative way, we just had to change how we communicated. Before, we communicated exclusively at face-to-face meetings, so this was something new for my team. However, in my opinion, using Skype now actually brought some advantages, because we could arrange meetings more quickly and review our work faster. We also had the opportunity to more easily organise ourselves in smaller groups, no matter where we were at the moment. It took a lot more time and arrangements to meet in real life.

Ognjen: We couldn’t have face-to-face meetings and interactions with each other.

Do you think creating the quiz helped you understand the pandemic better, and if it did, in what way?

Velibor: I saw how other people saw the pandemic. That was excellent for me!

Lara: It helped me, because while searching for questions for the quiz, i managed to learn a lot more. Questions from other members of the team also helped. Because we had a team member who’s in the world of medicine, he explained many things which I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to hear.

How did you find credible information?

Milijana: We found information on the World Health Organisation’s website.

Would you like to create another quiz? Would you recommend others try it out as well?

Tamara: Definitely! I would recommend others to join us because they can both have fun and learn something new, depending on the quiz’s subject.

Velibor: Always. The experience was great. I’m overjoyed. I support creating another one.

Milica: I would like to participate again in creating a quiz and I would recommend it to anyone who’s interested. It’s interesting and useful, which is the most important thing from the perspective of youth and volunteer engagement.

The COVID-19 quiz is available now in the Fun Park app, downloadable on the Google Play Store and the App Store.