What is Global Education Week?

17.10.2020. - Velimir.M
Awareness raising


This year’s Global Education Week approaches – it’ll be held  from 16-20 November. Last week, we highlighted what Global Education is, but now the question is, what is Global Education Week? It’s a collective effort of all 21 members of the Global Education Network, that is, of all organisations, institutions and people in those countries that have recognized the importance of Global Education and who would like to popularise it.

Therefore, in order to raise awareness, during the Global Education Week, everybody who wants, can join and organise all kinds of different activities. What is necessary is to first contact the National coordinator for Global Education (in Serbia that is the Ministry of Youth and Sports) in order to check if there isn’t already some established organisational framework. Although each member state has a lot of freedom to organise how they like, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, as the originator of Global Education and Global Education Week, directs the whole process.



They do this by choosing one theme under which activities of each individual Global Education Week are unified. Global Education encompasses a lot of things, so it is useful to focus every year on a particular topic – last year, it was climate change and this year, it’s active youth participation.


Everyone is invited!


Actors who can join are truly diverse, it’s open to all, from local governments, schools, preschool institutions, youth offices, culture institutions, civil society organisations, associations of organisations, nonformal groups to individuals themselves. So, everyone! Everyone is invited!

Organized activities can be incredibly varied, such as live events in the sense of panel discussions, dialogues and round tables, living libraries, webinars, short-movie festivals, theatre of the oppressed plays, workshops, quiz competitions, social media campaigns and much more.

These activities can also touch upon some local problem. The goal of Global Education is to make the connection between local and global visible, so this is a good way to make Global Education more relevant to young people.

One example which personally inspires me is the last year’s activity in Montenegro which was organised by a teacher from the primary school “Ratko Žarić”. The teacher took her pupils on a walk through the city centre. Smiling, they carried signs that spoke about the need for facing global warming. What’s important is that the children understood the problem as well as the reason why they went out of the classroom. This one and many more good practice examples can be found here.



This year brings an innovation in that there will be common activities organised on the level of the entire Global Education Network. The first of these joint activities will be webinars for educators of Global Education, while the second, in which Serbia will participate, will be a social media campaign whose content will be composed of videos sent by each Network member, collected from GE actors within them. Put simply, each institution/organisation will film short clips (the subject and format are yet to be confirmed) and will send those clips to the national coordinator – the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


16 – 20 novembar



With this, we would like to invite you to join us in the organising of activities for the Global Education Week! Support is available on the North-South Centre website in the form of advice, and there’s also the Global Education Toolkit which offers further guidance.

The first step when organising an activity would be to contact the national coordinator, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (email: emilja.panic@mos.gov.rs) so that you could get further instructions, support and coordination.



The main activity which the Center for Youth Work in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports will organise is a quiz competition about Global Education which will be conducted using the Fun Park app and which will last during the entire Global Education Week. Our partners in the National global education network will promote the competition and everybody can join in. Top three players will be granted the Fun GEek title, as well as certain valuable awards.

The quiz will be created by participants of a training which the Center for Youth Work will implement from 23-25 October. The purpose of the training will be to raise capacities of civil society organisations and state institutions by educating one of their representatives about Global Education. If you’re interested in participating in the training, you can sign up here.




The Fun Park app was designed in accordance to Global Education principles. Find out more about Global Education:

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