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The Fun Park is a free game-based application and platform that makes learning fun. Create, play and share fun, inclusive and engaging learning games.


Play, learn and have fun!

Shape the way of learning whether you are a student, youth worker, teacher, trivia fun or lifelong learner! Whether you feel creative, want to learn something new or are up for some fun and competition – get the Fun Park! Create, play and host fun, inclusive and engaging learning games. You can make a series of different types of questions: Multiple choice questions, Yes/No questions, etc. Add videos, audios and images to your questions to amplify engagement. Use badges to motivate your players. Play, learn and have fun with the Fun Park!

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Sign up and create your profile

Sign up and create your profile. Tell something more about yourself.

Play individually or in teams

After you log in to your profile, you can choose to play the game individually or in the group. If you play the game in the group, each of the players needs to be logged in their account and play on their own device.

The score board

Complete a quiz and check the score you achieved. You can see the individual and group score rate and compare it with others. The number of game scores is measured by the correct answers and time of the completed game. Seventy percent of the number of game scores is based on the correct answers. The rest of the percent is measured by the time of the completed game.

Invite your friend

Have fun and challenge your friends to show their knowledge. You can invite a friend to the game. Send an invitation by dropping an e-mail from your friend and your invitation request will be on the way!

Check the review

After completing a game you can write a review. Your feedback may help the creators to improve the quality of their quiz in the future. You can choose a new quiz based on the other gamers reviews.

Create a team

You can easily create a group by selecting your team members and giving the name of the team. You can choose to play the quiz against each other or challenge the other crew.

Get a badge

Based on the number of completed quizzes and your score, you can get the various types of badges and virtual awards.


Fun park
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own game

The Fun Park is open source learning platform for various types of organizations and individuals who are interested in using games in education. After signing up and creating your account, you can easily set up the game. Shape the way of learning by creating fun, interesting, inclusive and engaging games.

We believe in the importance of including IT technologies in the process of learning and education. The Fun Park can help you to make memorable and interactive lessons which can be played in the classroom, but also outside it.

Fun park

Vote for the Fun Park

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    Combine different types of questions
    Choose the type of game and add as many questions as you need. You can combine different types of questions and upload your pictures and videos too. After publishing the game, you can easily edit, delete or add additional questions.

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    Set up the time
    Create the questions and set up the time for answering. Calculating final score and getting badges are measured based on the time of completion of the game and answers.

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    Change the privacy of a quiz
    You can make a private or public quiz. You can change the privacy of the game whenever you need. This feature enables you to keep your game privately and showing up the questions only to the invited friends or members of the team.

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    Set up the badges
    If you’ve created a quiz, this feature can motivate players to improve their knowledge and get better results. All of the earned badges are showing on the user profile


Fun park

Use the app for free

The fun park is 100% free.
You’ll get all the features, tools for creating the quiz.
You can play games for free too.

Types of questions

  • 1

    Yes/No question
    Choose the right answer.

  • 2

    Two answers
    Pick one of two offered answers.

  • 3

    Four answers
    Pick the right answer based on four options

  • 4

    Picture/video game
    Answer the question which is related to the picture or video on your screen.


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